#3 – CAP and Becoming an Engineer

The first of my sharing of the survey statistics! For those who do not know, these results are from a survey I have conducted in NUS as part of my Final Year Project.

I am still trying to increase the numbers (finalised numbers to be collected tomorrow). So you can still here! Please help me by getting all your friends to complete the survey here: grace.questionpro.com

Here are the results for now 😀

Completion Statistics


The completion rate is lower than expected because the responses that include the random/accidental closings of survey tab are also included into this number. (Data shows dropout at first page of survey). The time to complete is quite long, but is necessary to provide the greater range of information collected in this survey.

Engineering Student –> Engineer?


According to an article released by Channel News Asia in early February this year, industry observers have highlighted that a growing number of engineering students are choosing not to to continue. An almost equal proportion of students indicated YES and MAYBE to this question in this survey.

Based on the survey results, I felt that it will be more interesting to highlight any possible correlation between a student’s academic situation and his intent to continue as an engineer. The following 3 variables were used for academic situation. The Chi-Square Test of independence was applied.

  1. Year of Study
  2. Pre-Academic Background 
  3. Current CAP

Result? The hypothesis that 2 and 3 is independent from a student’s intent to continue as an engineer is rejected.

Statistically, p = 0.010 (Current Class of Honours) and p = 0.041 (Pre-academic background) –> there are grounds to believe a student’s current CAP and his pre-academic background affects his inclination to work as an engineer. 

In Greater Detail for CAP……

71% of students with CAP of 4.0-4.49 indicated that they want to be an engineer after graduation, and there was a sharp drop to only 43% among students with a CAP of 3.5-3.99. This dropped further to 27% amongst students who have CAP of 3.19.

cross tab 3


cross tab

cross tab2

To be more conclusive, I need a bigger sample size! So share the survey link with your friends today, or complete it if you have not done so: grace.questionpro.com


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