Instagram sharing on Sina Weibo

Being an active Instagram and other photo editing apps user now currently living in China, I always wanted to share these photos on all social network platforms, ie Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo. What I detest doing the most is to use multiple apps, turning on my VPN, just to get these photos out. So, I was full of excitement reading Steven Millward’s headline about Instagram now offering support for Sina Weibo. Steven mentioned in his article: you’ll see the new Sina Weibo and Mixi sync options (if your language is set to Chinese or Japanese under ‘Region Format’).


After! - Instagram with Sina Weibo sharing.

There was no description of this sharing setting addition in their Apple Store update, I’m glad I read about it because it works! Initially apprehensive about changing the region formatting settings because I don’t want my text to appear as Chinese, but as of now the only changes I see so far is that days are displayed in Chinese on my phone. Other than that, everything is as per my English language settings.

Changing Region Format under "Settings >> General >> International"

How to change your settings.

Most popular Chinese photo-editing apps that have many pretty filters and effects such as 美图秀秀 or POCO相机 do not enable users to share to Twitter or Facebook. There are still some local apps that have these sharing abilities, though not as popular or lacking in same features. For example, LemeLeme can be used the multiple platform sharing functionality is needed, though its user interface is less preferred as compared to Instagram.

An interesting thing found in ‘Region Format,’ settings as well. Singapore, atop of appearing on its own, also appears as one of the options under China. Other options under China are Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. It seems like we are the only other country outside China that has a majority of Chinese speaking citizens!


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